New NFL Stadiums 2024: Under Construction And Recently Opened

The NFL is not only about fierce competition on the gridiron but also a stage where architecture and fan experiences evolve continuously. With new NFL stadiums popping up and recently built ones already hosting games, the league’s landscape is dynamically changing. Here’s a look at the newest NFL stadiums, categorized into those currently under construction and those which have recently opened.


New NFL Stadiums Under Construction or In Planning 


Buffalo Bills New Stadium

Location: Orchard Park, New York

Expected Opening: 2026 NFL Season

Capacity: 60,000

The Buffalo Bills are set to welcome a modern facility in Orchard Park, projected to cost about $1.4 billion. With plans to seat around 60,000 spectators, this stadium is poised to become a cornerstone for the Bills and their passionate fan base. It aims to offer cutting-edge features that enhance fan engagement and game-day experience..


Tennessee Titans New Stadium

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Expected Opening: 2027

Capacity: 60,000

The upcoming stadium for the Tennessee Titans is part of a broader east bank revitalization project in Nashville. With a budget of $2.1 billion, it’s designed to host not only football games but also various year-round events, promising a significant boost to local commerce and community engagement.


Washington Commanders New Stadium   

Location: TBD

Expected Opening: TBD

Capacity: TBD

The Washington Commanders are in the process of finalizing the plans for a new stadium, with details still under wraps. This development is expected to provide a state-of-the-art venue that matches the franchise’s rich history and ambition.


Recently Opened NFL Stadiums


SoFi Stadium

Location: Inglewood, California

Opened: September 2020

Capacity: 70,000-100,000

Home to: Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers

SoFi Stadium stands out as a marvel of modern stadium design and technology. It opened in 2020 amidst the pandemic with a seating capacity of about 70,000, which can be expanded up to 100,000 for Major events like the popular sports betting event,The Super Bowl. The stadium is noted for its indoor-outdoor design, massive video board, and extensive use of technology to enhance the fan experience .


Allegiant Stadium

Location: Paradise, Nevada

Opened: July 2020

Home to: Las Vegas Raiders

Known as “The Death Star,” Allegiant Stadium brought the NFL to Las Vegas, introducing a high-tech, domed facility that hosts the Raiders. This $1.9 billion stadium features a retractable field, expansive glass doors that open to views of the Las Vegas Strip, and a variety of modern amenities designed to boost fan engagement and comfort .


Globe Life Field

Location: Arlington, Texas

Opened: March 2020

Home to: Texas Rangers (MLB), occasional NFL games

While primarily serving as a baseball stadium for the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field has also hosted NFL games. This venue introduced a retractable roof and air conditioning, significant upgrades over its predecessor, aiming to provide a more comfortable spectator experience in Texas’s unpredictable weather .


The Impact & Benefit of New Stadiums

The construction of new stadiums brings significant economic, social, and cultural impacts to their respective cities. They often serve as catalysts for urban development and can redefine a city’s landscape. Economically, they create jobs, both in construction and operation phases, and boost local businesses by attracting more visitors and increasing NFL jersey sales. Socially, they serve as gathering spots for the community, providing a modern venue for various events beyond football.

NFL stadiums are more than just venues for sports; they are landmarks that reflect the spirit and aspirations of a city and its team. As the league continues to expand and evolve, these new and recently opened stadiums play a crucial role in shaping the future of the NFL, ensuring that the fan experience keeps pace with the growth of the sport itself.


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