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A Super Heinz bet is a 7 pick wager that places 120 individual bets, each with different combinations. Each of the 7 picks appears in the same number of bets, meaning you cover every possible parlay combination. Super Heinz bets are perhaps most suited to the more experienced bettors due to its complexity and being an expensive proposition but it can equally return large amounts of money. In this guide we will explain exactly what a Super Heinz bet is, how it works and cover some of the reasons why a bettor might consider placing one. 

What is a Super Heinz Bet? 

A Super Heinz bet as touched upon, is a combination multi bet containing 7 picks that places 120 bets in total. These bets consist of; 21x two-pick parlays, 35x three-pick parlays, 35x four-pick parlays, 21x five-pick parlays, 7x six-pick parlays and 1x seven-pick parlay.

This effectively means you just need 2 of your 7 picks to win to see some sort of return from the sportsbook. The more teams that win within your Super Heinz, the more bets you win, which in turn means greater returns. 

Super Heinz Bet Combinations  Number of Bets 
2-Pick Parlay  21
3-Pick Parlay 35
4-Pick Parlay 35
5-Pick Parlay  21
6-Pick Parlay 7
7-Pick Parlay  1
Total Bets 120 

How to place a Super Heinz bet

On first viewing placing a Super Heinz bet could seem quite complicated due to the fact that you have to place 120 bets. But the good news is that sportsbooks offer Super Heinz as an option once you have your 7 picks within your betslip and will automatically place the 120 bet combinations for you. 

First of all you need to go onto your selected sportsbook and click on to the sports section of your chosen sport. A Super Heinz can be placed on numerous sports but in this example we’re going to place a Super Heinz bet on the NFL. I like the chances of Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Indiana Colts and Baltimore Ravens so I build my bet slip with each team on the moneyline. 

Now I know there are a handful of underdogs in my bet so I decide to opt for the Super Heinz option. 

In this example on Bet365 you will see there is a clear option to place a 7 pick parlay but of course we want to place a Super Heinz. 

So you have to click “show more parlay options” which will bring the following options:

We now have the option to place a Super Heinz bet. As we already know a Super Heinz bet places a total of 120 separate bets, so it’s an extremely expensive option for bettors. So with that in mind I decide to bet $0.25 a line which means my Super Heinz is $30 in total. 

$0.25 x 120 bets = $30. 

We then click ‘place bet’, which places our Super Heinz bet which consists of 21x two-pick parlays, 35x three-pick parlays, 35x four-pick parlays, 21x five-pick parlays, 7x six-pick parlays and 1x seven-pick parlay.

Below we can see a breakdown of each bet combination and their odds within my parlay:

As you can see from above not all bet combinations would return you a profit and in some cases you would have to have hope three or more teams win to make some form of profit on top of your total Super Heinz stake. If all 7 of your picks win, you would win all 120 bets and would stand to win a hefty amount of money in this instance. 

Why might you consider placing a Super Heinz bet? 

A Super Heinz is an alternative to a straight up 7-pick parlay that will yield a return if two or more of your seven picks were to win. In most cases you will need more than two picks to win in order to yield a profit from your Super Heinz bet and that ultimately depends on the odds of each of your 7 picks. 

For example if your 7 picks are all short priced favorites you would likely need between 5-7 of the picks to win in order to yield a profit. In which case you might opt to place an alternative multi bet to a Super Heinz instead such as a parlay. However if your 7 picks contain underdogs with larger odds you may only need as little as two or three to win to return a profit. 

You might consider placing a Super Heinz bet for one of two reasons. That perhaps your 7 picks contain a number of underdogs with larger odds and you know that winning an outright parlay is very difficult indeed and you have that added insurance with a Super Heinz knowing that if a few of the 7 picks let you down you will still yield a return with a Super Heinz bet. 

Otherwise perhaps you’re reasonably confident that your 7 favorite picks will win but just want that added protection knowing if it just falls short you will still receive a good return if say 5 or 6 of the 7 teams win.

Super Heinz Drawbacks

Arguably the biggest drawback of a Super Heinz bet is the number of bets it contains. With 120 bets in total, even a bet less than $1 a line would make it an expensive option for bettors. For example A $1 bet per line on a Super Heinz would cost in total $120, a $2 bet would cost $240 in total and a $5 would cost a staggering $600 and so on. This means it’s likely it’s more suited to more experienced punters.

Super Heinz FAQs

A Super Heinz bet is a multi bet type which places 120 individual combination bets across 7 picks. A Super Heinz consists of; 21x two-pick parlays, 35x three-pick parlays, 35x four-pick parlays, 21x five-pick parlays, 7x six-pick parlays and 1x seven-pick parlay.
A Super Heinz places 120 individual bets for you across 7 picks, which ensures that if any 2 of your 7 picks win, you will receive a return. The more teams that win up to the full 7 picks, the more bets you will win within your Super Heinz.
In theory you can place a Super Heinz bet on any sport in which you can place a parlay / multi bet on. Once you have chosen your 7 picks and added them to your bet slip, sportsbooks which offer Super Heinzs, will display this as an option. So you can place a Super Heinz bet on all the most popular US sports such as; football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer and MMA.

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