Canadian Bet

A Canadian bet or Super Yankee is a combination multi bet type whereby there are five selections or picks within your canadian bet, but you place 26 bets in total. With so many bet combinations within it, Canadians can seem like a complex bet type. Read on for a full detailed explanation on what a Canadian bet is, how you place one and why you might or might not consider making one.

What is a Canadian bet?

A Canadian bet as mentioned above is a five pick combination multi bet type, which consists of 26 bets in total of the following; 10x two-pick parlays, 10x three-pick parlays, 5x four-pick parlays and finally 1x five-pick parlay. 

Canadian bets essentially ensure you will receive some form of payout from the sportsbook should a minimum of 2 teams win. If more than 2 of your picks win, you will continue to win more bet combinations and receive a greater payout, all the way up to all five picks winning, in which case you would win all 26 bets within your canadian and receive a much more substantial payout

How to place a canadian bet 

So 26 separate bets to put on for a Canadian, sounds confusing right? 

Well actually no, the process of placing a canadian bet is very simple, largely because the sportsbook will offer you the option of placing a Canadian bet once you have added five picks or teams to your bet slip, which makes it so much easier for you as they automatically build the canadian bet and all 26 bet combinations for you. 

First of all you need to do is go onto your selected sportsbook. You then click onto the section of your chosen sport you wish to place a Canadian bet on, of course this can be done across multiple sports but for example sakes lets just say we want to place a canadian on five hockey teams in the NHL. 

I’m feeling optimistic about the chances of five teams on the moneyline who are all underdogs; Blue Jackets, Senators, Canadiens, Red Wings and Sabres but I’m also realistic and know it would take a lot for all of them to win. So I decide to place a Canadian bet on the five teams.

I have selected the five teams from the NHL section on Bet365 as you can see highlighted below:

My five picks will now group together in my bet slip as you will see below:

You will see that there is an option to place a 5 team parlay but no option to place a canadian bet. In this instance at Bet365 you need to click onto ‘Show more parlay options’ where it will reveal a number of other options including Super Yankee (which is another word for a Canadian) as you can see below:

As mentioned above the Super Yankee is the same bet as a Canadian, so we opt for that. Of course we know a Canadian bet consists of 26x separate bets. So in this case we are wanting to wager $1 per betting line. So we know that we will have to risk a total of $26 ($1 x 26 bets = $26 total stake).

Above you can see the breakdown of all the 26 bet combinations (10x two-pick parlays, 10x three-pick parlays, 5x four-pick parlays and 1x five-pick parlay). This essentially means that if any 2 of the 5 picks in my yankee win we will receive some form of a payout, although it may not be profitable. If three teams win, we will win 3x two-pick parlays and one three-pick parlay. If four teams win we will win 6x two-pick parlays ,4x three-pick parlays and 1x four-pick parlay. If all five teams win you will win all 26 bets as follows: 10x two-pick parlays, 10x three-pick parlays, 5x four-pick parlays and 1x five-pick parlay

Why Would I Consider Placing a Canadian bet?

Like a number of other combination multi bets we have covered on Learn The Lines, the appeal of a Canadian bet is the opportunity of good returns on a number of bet combinations but only some of which will return a profit. 

If you’re willing to go for a high win but are happy to take a loss if your bet falls short then a Canadian bet could be the option for you. 

You might also consider a Canadian bet when you have a number of longer odds (+ odds) teams within your Canadian, as you may only need two or three to win to make a worthwhile profit.  

Why Might I Not Place a Canadian Bet?

First and foremost a Canadian bet can be very expensive as you are placing 26 bets in total. A seemingly low $1 Canadian bet would actually require you to stake a total of $26. Then it gets particularly expensive the more you up your stake per line; A $2 Canadian bet would total $52, a $5 Canadian bet would require a total stake of $130, a $10 Canadian bet would require a total outlay of $260 and so on. Whilst you have to also consider that you may need more than two of the teams to win to make a profit on your initial total stake. 

It’s also not always the best option to include a number of short priced favorites in your Canadian bet, as you may need 4 or even all 5 of your teams to win to make a worthwhile profit. In which case you may opt to bet on a straight up parlay and reduce your stake. 

Other Combination Multi Bets

Canadian bets are just one of many combination multi bets that are available out there. Other popular ones include; A trixie bet, A yankee bet, A patent bet, Lucky 15 and much more. Each relates to a different number of selections and a different number of bet combinations. 

Canadian Bet FAQs

A Canadian bet is a form of multi combination wager type on five teams or pick where the Canadian places 26 individual wagers covering different parlay bet combinations across your five picks. The 26x bets consist of; 10x two-pick parlays, 10x three-pick parlays, 5x four-pick parlays and finally 1x five-pick parlay.
Canadian bets are effectively just an automatic way of placing 26 individual parlay bets across 5 picks to ensure you still receive some form of payout if two or more teams win. The more teams that win within your Canadian bet, the more your payout will be. If all five teams win you will win all 26x bet combinations and stand to win a much larger amount of money. The only scenario you would not see any form of payout from the sportsbook with a Canadian bet, is if only one, or none of your 5 picks win. You should be aware however that you may be returned a lower amount than what you originally risked, should only 2 or 3 picks within your Canadian win.
Canadians bets were first most popular with the sport of horse racing but are now a common bet type across all sports, effectively any sports you can play a multi bet on. So you will be able to place a Canadian, sometimes called a Super Yankee, on the likes of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, MMA to name a few.

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