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After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey in the PASPA case, stating that the federal ban on sports betting in most states violated their rights, a new age of opportunity emerged for US online sports betting. 

New Jersey was the first to take advantage of it but several states have now followed suit and with the legalization of online sports betting presented the opportunity for mobile sports betting in many states. 

Mobile Sports Betting Background

Whilst retail and brick and mortar gambling has been a possibility in certain US states for a number of years, the passing of PASPA, opened up the prospect of on-the-move gambling in the form of mobile betting. 

Mobile betting is a common feature of sports betting in Europe and has been around for the best part of two decades. Due to the advances of technology and creation of smartphones, European sportsbooks began to capitalize on mobile betting with the creation of fully functional, user friendly mobile apps. 

Most bettors will opt to use mobile apps on their IOS or Android devices but mobile browsers have also significantly improved meaning any established sportsbook also has a fully functioning seamless mobile website as well.

Legal US Mobile Sports Betting App States

Currently the following states have legal and regulated online sports betting, where you can access mobile sports betting apps:

  • Arizona 
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana 
  • Iowa 
  • Michigan
  •  Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Oregon 
  • Washington D.C
  • Wyoming 

States Which Could Offer Sportsbook Apps Next

  • New York: It is said that New York is most likely to be the next state to offer online sports betting apps and it is expected to be available in time for the 2022 Super Bowl. 14 operators have already applied for a NY licence but developments have been slow since. 
  • Maryland: Legislation was signed for online sports betting in Maryland in May 2021, they can have up to 60 betting app licenses and 47 retail licenses. It would be no surprise to see sportsbook apps launch in Maryland some time in 2022.
  • Florida: The Florida sports betting bill was approved by state lawyers in May 2021 but it is expected to face plenty of challenges and obstacles in Federal court before it is fully approved.

Mobile App Sportsbooks

Mobile app sports betting is now the most popular way for fans to bet on their favorite sports in legal states. Bettors in certain US states can now enjoy watching a sports game from their sofa or live in the stadium and bet on a game before the event has started and in-play with live betting. Here’s a selection of the most popular sportsbook apps available in certain US states:

  • Draft Kings
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars 
  • Fanduel 
  • Unibet 
  • Bet365
  • William Hill

Live Betting On Mobile 

One of the main benefits of mobile betting is that you can bet on all the major sports at any place at any time and that also includes whilst a contest takes place. Live betting is one of the best features that has come out of online and mobile sports betting, often you might be watching a game and be tempted to place a bet with how the contest/game is going as you watch on. For example, you might have a strong feeling that one team might turn a game around or that one team is dominating but find themselves behind in the contest, with live betting you have the option to potentially turn your in-game insights and inklings into profit. 

What to Look For in a Mobile Sportsbook 

– Is It Compatible With My Device?

First of all you need to make sure the sportsbook you are interested in signing up to is fully functionable on your mobile device. If you find that it’s not a smooth experience, then that bookie isn’t for you. 

You can usually access most of a sportsbook’s site pages without having to login/sign-up so it’s worth having a browse and clicking through to a few pages on the mobile site/app to ensure that it’s user compatible and friendly. With many different tablets, Ipads, Android phones and Ipads in circulation it’s advisable to do some tests and research before committing to a sportsbook sign-up. 

– Competitive Odds

Whilst usability is a big consideration of mobile betting, at the end of the day we still want the key things that traditionally help us choose a sportsbook and of course we all want the best value odds and lines. 

Getting the best value in terms of lines will help you run an efficient sports betting account. Whilst short priced favorites may not be much different from sportsbook to sportsbook, you will likely find a significant difference on some of the bigger price betting selections and underdogs. 

Often some sportsbooks may claim to offer industry best odds, whilst the others are all in competition with each other, so by shopping around, you are likely to find a sportsbook which will offer you better value odds and better odds means more potential cash.

– Sports Betting Promos & Bonuses

Another key consideration when choosing a mobile sportsbook is their promo and bonus offering. As already mentioned, sportsbooks are all in competition with one another and they all want you to sign up with them, so you will often find some very attractive offers out there.

Sportsbook sign-up offers can include matched deposit free bet credit up to a certain amount, a number of free bets and in some rarer cases you may even be offered a no deposit bonus just for signing up. 

You don’t have to be rich to sign-up to a sportsbook and to activate a bonus, occasionally sportsbooks will offer a minimum despot of $5-10, meaning you only have to deposit and bet that amount in order to have a bet credit to play with on top. 

Whilst sign-up bonuses are a big incentive, it’s also important to look into a sportsbook’s ongoing promos and loyalty programs for those that continue to bet with them. If you are planning to place multiple bets going forward, it’s definitely worth shopping around to see what bonuses are available to returning customers as well. 

Check out our sportsbook page for a detailed overview of the brands which are operating legally in the United States and their sign-up offers and other bonuses. 

– Banking Options

It’s not the most exciting thing to look into when you’re searching for a decent mobile sportsbook but equally it’s crucial to ensure that whichever brand you choose you can deposit and withdraw from your nominated banking method. 

Whilst most sportsbooks will accept online banking from the established national banks, if you use Paypal or Skrill for example, the number of sportsbooks who accept this may be a little more limited, so it’s worth checking that out before opting for a sign-up. 

Sportsbooks should have a payments page, with guidance on their banking terms and payment methods, which should answer your questions. Otherwise you have the option to get in touch with their customer support, who will be able to help you.

– Unique Mobile Sportsbook Features

You’ve seen a sportsbook you like on desktop and you want to bet with them on mobile or app, but do they offer the same product in mobile form? 

Most will, but occasionally you will find the mobile/app version of the site is more limited and some of the desktop features are not available.

Others on the other hand will offer an exact match mobile product and all the great features you see on the desktop site are available on your mobile phone, like live streaming, cash out, bet builders and live betting. 

So as well as all of the above considerations, it’s also worth looking into the sportsbook which offers the best app and mobile site, to ensure you are getting the best mobile experience. 

– Mobile Betting Live Streaming

Live streaming of the sports you are wagering on through your nominated sportsbook is one of the best features of modern day online betting. Where so often premium sports TV subscriptions are expensive, the fact you can access hundreds of different live sports coverage around the world for as little as a $1 bet, is a huge advantage of having a sports betting account. 

With life often so busy and people constantly on the move, the possibility of having an account at a sportsbook that offers live streaming on mobile devices is certainly a very attractive one. Whether you’re on transport, at work or just not near a TV or computer, just by having your mobile on you gives you the opportunity to watch hundreds of live sporting events through your betting account. 

Not all sportsbooks will offer live streaming at all, let alone on mobile, so it’s worth checking out which sportsbooks live stream on desktop and on mobile/app. 

Mobile Sports Betting FAQs

There is no easy answer for this, as it depends on what you are looking for and where you are located. Some sportsbooks will offer great incentives to sign-up such as promos and bonuses, while others will have unique features that may be more attractive to you. Check out our sportsbook page for detailed information on the features and benefits of each sportsbook.
Most of the time yes, as long as you are using a reputable sportsbook brand. You can ensure you are betting with a safe sportsbook by doing a simple bit of research beforehand, ensuring they have the correct licensing and are accessible in your location. Our sportsbook page covers only the best and safest legal sportsbooks in your designated state, so have a read through and make your pick.
Downloading a sportsbook app is easy. You will usually be prompted to download the app version of the sportsbook when accessing the mobile website presuming you are on a compatible mobile device. Otherwise you can go via the App Store on your Iphone or GooglePlay on your Android and download that way by doing a manual search for the sportsbook and if there is an app available, it will be listed. You can sign up for a sportsbook on a desktop and then download the app, or you can download the app and then sign-up through that.
Yes, you can download almost all sports betting apps with an Iphone. With over 113 million Iphone users in the United States, around 47% of all smartphone users, this is the most common mobile sports betting app device.
Yes you can download sports betting apps on Android. With Android phones being the second most popular mobile phone device in the United States, naturally almost all sportsbooks who offer an app, will also offer an Android version.

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