LearnTheLines Launches!

Today’s the day ladies and gentlemen (May. 27. 2022) that LearnTheLines is live. 

LearnTheLines (or also commonly known as LTL within the team) has been 10 months in the making, with the team driving the site build having the objective to create a sports betting website that would meet the needs and requirements of all sports bettors in the United States. 

One of our biggest goals is to become an educational resource for those who are new to sports betting and to those who want to expand their knowledge just that little bit more. 

‘Learn’ is in our brand name and we want to ensure we are the go to place to learn all aspects of sports betting. If you’re new to sports betting, why not check out our sports betting guides page where you can make your first steps towards placing a bet with full confidence. 

We also wanted to ensure we are an attractive proposition for those who are already in the sports wagering game, have a good level of understanding but perhaps want to take their sports betting up to a new gear, so we have ensured we have included betting strategy, with the intention of us hopefully helping you run a profitable sports betting account. 

The online sports betting landscape in the United States is growing rapidly and rarely does a month go by without some new development whether it is a bill being passed or the first online sportsbook launching in a particular state etc. With that in mind there are now lots of online sportsbooks in the market, some unique to certain states, whilst others are across the majority. That is why at LearnTheLines we show you which sportsbooks you can (legally) bet with within the state you are located in, explaining what you can and can’t bet on with each and outline all the key things you’d want to know before you register with a sportsbook. 

As well as continuing to create new sports betting guides and sports previews, we have exciting plans to add regular tips & predictions on games and we are constantly on the lookout for new features/tools/ideas to help sports bettors. 

On that note we would highly recommend you bookmarking the site and returning over the coming days and weeks, but for now, we hope you enjoy the launch content and features.

LearnTheLines Team

LearnTheLines Launches!

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